When a person files for bankruptcy, the case and debt might fall under the control of the person who is in the court of the bankruptcy trustee. That trustee’s job is to ensure that all bankruptcy laws are obeyed properly and also to ensure that maximum of the debt is cleared. These are some of the very simple administrative duties that a trustee has got. Beyond these responsibilities, a trustee has got many other roles to play. This person will take the legal control over your property and all your debts after you file for bankruptcy. Without a trustee, you might fall in the risk of your case getting dismissed. After a person files for bankruptcy, he or she gets an official notice in a few days containing the name, address and phone number of the trustee. This particular person is appointed as a trustee to a particular person by the Office of the US Trustee.
Bankruptcy trustee Ottawa will issue all the details about your bankruptcy trustee in no time. The trustee can be a bankruptcy lawyer or even a non-lawyer who is aware of the chapter 7 and 13 of the bankruptcy rules and procedures. The trustee may ask you to submit some of the important documents to him or her. It can include bank statements, cancelled checks, property appraisals and other similar documents. Another US trustee may also be appointed for your case. This second person will get involved in your case only if the chapter 7 bankruptcy papers of your case show that your monthly income is greater than the stated median. In such cases, your annual income is sufficient to support a repayment plan according to chapter 13. If not, your case is randomly selected for audit among other 250 cases. You can get to know more about the US trustees through some person with the legal background or simply search through the net.